MAAP #77: Deforestation Hotspots in the Colombian Amazon, part 2

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We present the second in a series of story maps investigating deforestation hotspots in the Colombian Amazon. Our goal is to identify the most critical hotspots (areas with the highest densities of deforestation) and use satellite imagery to identify the primary deforestation drivers.

The first report focused on a hotspot approaching Chiribiquete National Park in Caquetá department, and the  deforestation was largely driven by cattle pasture.

Here, we move to the south and focus on a hotspot surrounding La Paya National Park in Putumayo Department. We show high-resolution satellite imagery that reveals the major driver is again cattle pasture.

Please follow this link to view the Story Map: Deforestation Hotspots in the Colombian Amazon, part 2


This work reflects an important collaboration with our colleagues at Amazon Conservation Team, funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

Download PDF of this article >>